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Frequently Asked Questions Plus Terms of Rental from Van Boxtel RV

RV Rental Direct Phone Line: (920) 497-5525

  1. What do I need to make an RV rental reservation?
    • Making an RV rental reservation is easy. You are able to make a reservation by email at or by phone at (920) 497-5525 and we would be more than happy to assist you in planning your trip. When making a reservation, we will ask for the following items:
      • Personal information of the person who will be signing the contract as well as picking up the unit
      • The dates of your trip
      • Which unit you are interested in
      • Driver's license number along with any major credit card to take your down payment on the unit. Down payments vary from $50 for tent campers, $100 for travel trailers, and $500 for motorhomes.
  2. What is your cancellation policy?
    • All deposits are non-refundable. If you would need to cancel within a reasonable time frame, you may use the deposit towards any other unit or time frame until the end of the rental season. Due to us being a seasonal business, we try to optimize our schedule and want you to be sure of your time frame.
  3. What is required for insurance?
    • Van Boxtel RV Rental LLC provides the State of Wisconsin minimums for insurance coverage. Most personal automobile insurance can provide the renter with an additional rider on their insurance for a small fee. We suggest checking with your insurance agent to find out if your policy will cover you while renting an RV. If this is not an option, weekly rental insurance (Collision Damage Waiver) is available through Van Boxtel RV – this policy will only provide you with physical damage coverage, not liability.
    • Motorhome insurance is $140 per week, travel trailers are $50 per week, and tent campers are $35 per week for insurance.
  4. What is the minimum rental period?
    • During our high season (June 1-August 31) all travel trailer and motorhomes have a one week minimum rental. All tent campers can be rented for a week, a weekend, or our mid-week special (Monday-Thursday).
    • Our weeks begin Monday through Friday, all week rentals are 7 days. (Monday to Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday, etc.)
  5. What time can I pick up and return my rental unit?
    • Rentals can be picked up Monday through Friday from 1 pm to 5pm (7pm in high season) by appointment only. All units require a return by 10am on the final day of your rental. Late return fees will be applied as most units are often going back out with another customer that same day. For example, if you pick up on a Monday at 1pm, the unit will need to be returned by 10am on the following Monday.
  6. Is mileage included in the cost of our rental?
    • There are no miles included with the rental of a motorhome. The cost of mileage is 31¢ per mile on Class C motorhomes. The cost of mileage is 35¢ per mile on Class A motorhomes. Travel trailer as well as tent campers have no mileage fee. The 12 passenger van includes 1,000 miles per weekly rental.
  7. How much is your rental rate?
    • Prices for all units are listed on each individual unit under our "Rental Home", after choosing a unit you are interested in, you will see the rental rates in the upper right-hand corner. *Minimum rates may apply*
  8. Is smoking allowed inside of the RVs?
    • For all customers' satisfaction we ask that you do not smoke inside of the rental unit. We ask to be courteous to those renting after you. A minimum fee of a $500 deodorizing fee will be applied for odor caused by smoking.
  9. Do I need a special driver's license?
    • There is no special driver's license needed to drive a recreational vehicle. You will however need to be at least 21 years of age and possess a valid driver's license. Van Boxtel RV LLC does reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone who does not hold a valid driver's license or has an extensive driving record.
  10. Can I add additional drivers to the rental contract?
    • You may absolutely add additional drivers to your contract. They too will be required to be 21 years of age with a valid driver's license and clean driving record. We will need copies of their driver's licenses upon pick up of the unit.
  11. What kinds of instructions will I be given about the vehicle and how to use it?
    • Upon completing the signing of your contract with our staff, you will receive a full orientation of the unit. Orientation includes the set up and break down of a unit, how to use its appliances, as well as teaching you to attach it to your vehicle. If you forget something our staff has mentioned, we provide you with a troubleshooting guide you are able to look back on.
  12. What am I responsible for when returning the camper?
    • We expect all units to come back full of fuel as well as full of propane. Propane is available on-site and is full upon pick up. You are charged only for the amount of propane used. We ask that grey and black waste tanks are dumped and read empty, if this is not the case a $50 waste fee will be charged to your rental. All campers are due back in the same condition in which they left our lot (interior as well as exterior) to avoid additional cleaning fees.
  13. Is there a fee to use the generator?
    • No, there is no fee to use the generator. All motorhomes are equipped with an on-board generator that is free for you to use. We do not rent generators for travel trailers or tent campers; we do however have recommendations of places that we can forward onto you.
  14. Is there a limit to how many people can ride in the motorhome?
    • Our largest motorhome has seatbelts for 7. We always suggest choosing a motorhome with enough seatbelts for your family as we do not recommend exceeding the maximum capacity as posted in the vehicle you will be using. Seat belt laws vary widely state to state. With regard to RV seat belt laws, you can sit anywhere in your rig, however, that does not mean that all areas of an RV are the safest to ride.
  15. Am I able to leave a vehicle at your rental center while I travel?
    • Yes, we have a gated lot you are able to leave your vehicle in. We suggest locking your vehicle, closing windows/sunroofs, and removing all valuables while parked during your rental period. Van Boxtel RV LLC shall not be held liable if loss, damage, or theft occur.
  16. Am I allowed to travel to Mexico or Canada in your motorhome?
    • Travel to Canada is allowed, however travel to Mexico is prohibited.
  17. How do I pay for the rental?
    • All payments can be made using a major credit card (Discover, Master Card, Visa, and American Express), cash, cashier's check, and personal check. All reservations will require a credit card number to be kept on file.
  18. Am I able to tow anything with my RV rental?
    • Motorhomes are able to tow up to a 3,000 pound trailer or boat. Maximum tongue weight cannot exceed 200 pounds. We do not allow cars to be towed behind the motorhome as most vehicles are not properly equipped. You are responsible for your own receiver and ball. The motorhome provides no collision or liability coverage for damage to the towed object, or for any third party injury caused by the towed object.
  19. What is required for towing a trailer?
    • The tow vehicle must have a Class III receiver, a brake control, and a 7-way wiring plug in order to tow a travel trailer. By WI state law anything over 3,000 lbs. needs an electric brake controller. The trailer tongue height is 18"-21" off the ground. You will need a 2"5/16 ball for all travel trailers and a 2" ball for all tent campers. The tow vehicle needs to be appropriately rated for the weight of the trailer.
  20. Is it possible to rent an RV in the winter?
    • Our units are winterized when the weather turns. It is with much hesitation that we have decided to no longer rent December through March due to high amount of damage due to cold weather and unsafe driving conditions. October and November may be winterized depending on temperature.
  21. What does winterization mean?
    • Winterizing a camper makes the water system unavailable for use. Amenities such as the hot water heater, sinks, shower, and toilet are unable to be used. We winterize and dewinterize based on temperatures to prevent damage to the water lines and water pump. There are no exceptions.
  22. What if I return my unit before the date it is due?
    • No credits or refunds will be given for early returns or late pick-ups. We have reserved this time frame for you.
  23. What if I am involved in an accident?
    • You must notify Van Boxtel RV LLC within 24 hours of the incident. A full report in writing as well as obtaining a police report is needed. If there is no police report the customer will be fully responsible for all damages. Collision Damage Waiver will not apply without a police report.
  24. What do I do if our motorhome breaks down?
    • All units have access to 24 hour roadside assistance; this number is given to you upon picking up your unit. Renter will be reimbursed for all necessary repairs not caused directly or indirectly by misuse, carelessness, or negligence of the renter. All repairs over $75 must have prior authorization from a rental agent.
  25. Is a motorhome difficult to drive?
    • Motorhomes handle much like an SUV. It is not difficult, just different. Extra attention and care is expected.
  26. Besides the rental cost, are there any other charges I will incur?
    • There is a tax on the rental charges. Any extra mileage upon returning will also need to be paid for. Additional fees could include a fuel charge (if the RV is not returned full of fuel), waste fee (if you choose not to dump the waste tanks), cleaning (if we have to send staff in to excessively clean the unit), and well as late return fees (returning a unit after 10am on the final day of your reservation). *Minimum rate may apply*
  27. Are there awnings on the motorhomes?
    • Yes, there are awnings on all of our campers. Any damage done to the awning is the responsibility of the renters. Awnings make great sun shades, they however do not hold up in the rain or wind. Please remember to put awnings away during uneasy weather.
  28. Are pets allowed inside of the rental?
    • We prefer no pets for the courtesy of other renters. We do have a Pet Friendly policy, please see a rental agent for more details. Rental customer is responsible for any damage done to the unit by your pet. We ask that all be courteous to the following renters who may have sensitivity issues.